Your untapped resources (6 cards)

Your untapped resources (6 cards)

Feeling stretched thin? Whether you’re feeling pinched for ideas, time, money, connections, opportunity or skills, there’s a good chance you have resources you’ve yet to fully tap. We’re all wealthier than we realize, and this 6-card reading is designed to uncover some of the goodies you’ve been overlooking. Are you ready to receive what’s been hidden in your life’s (metaphoric) sofa cushions? I thought so! Uncover your buried treasure for $54.

An Untapped Resources Tarot reading by Sally Felt reveals the goodies you've overlooked.

Untapped Resources Spread

If it seems there's not enough to go around (time/money/etc.), Sally Felt offers the Untapped Resources spread to maximize your readiness.

Sweet resources await!

You’ll receive a recording of your reading, along with a PDF with images of the cards that came up for you. No appointment necessary.