09 Oct 2014
October 9, 2014

What it’s like

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A Tarot reading with Sally Felt reveals how truly wise and beautiful you are.Every Tarot reader is different. My style tends to bring forth a mix of practical advice, welcome validation, surprising perspective and/or new things to consider. Even in difficult times, you have more freedom than you think. It’s part of my job to help you see your own vibrant wisdom. Tarot cards feature vivid artwork

It can be hard to take it all in on the first pass. That’s why I send you a recording so you can hear these messages again and again.

Only rarely do I have the privilege of reading for a client across a table. But whether we’re local neighbors or miles apart, we’re all connected energetically, all the time. That means no amount of physical distance between you and I will affect my ability to read especially for you.Sally hand-knits bags for Tarot decks of all sizes.

You can expect to feel empowered, perhaps even inspired. Together, we’ll explore a path blooming with possibility.

If that sounds good, browse my current readings, and pick out something nice for yourself.