Custom 1-hour readings

Custom 1-hour readings

“What do I need to know about this situation?” “Which choice is going to give me more of what I’m looking for?” “How can I improve this relationship?” If you’ve got burning questions, a live, interactive reading is the way to go.

Schedule an hour with Sally Felt and we’ll get to as many of your questions as possible. After our conversation, you’ll receive a link to download a recording of our time together, and, if desired, photos of the cards that turned up for you. Expect to gain perspective, insight, clarity and increased confidence. One-hour sessions are just $72.

Let Sally show you just how much ground you can cover with a one-hour Tarot reading by phone.

We can cover a lot of ground with a one-hour Tarot reading by phone.

You're amazing and wise. I'll show you.

You’re amazing and wise. I’ll show you.

Let’s compare schedules and talk soon.